Listen up locals and frequent visitors, the tourists will soon be leaving and we’re lighting up the beach with another end of season celebration at The Chateau Motel.  There will be live music from the bands that we love, contests,fireworks, and more.  Book early for the best rates.  It only happens once a year so don’t miss out on the best local’s party on Panama City Beach.




Saturday night only from 3:00PM until we all can’t see straight!  Live music from acts all across the Southeast including: Heritage, Kevin Jacobs, HOR!ZEN, Burning Tree, Nate Pennington, and Kayavibe!

Fireworks will go off at midnight, but the party will definitely not be over.  With this many bands, the show must go on!



Rooms (Party like a Rock Star)

Rooms for Saturday night start at $99, and accommodate 4 people ($25 per person), rooms include armbands for all four occupants, for Saturday’s night event.
All rooms will receive a late check-out on Sunday, so don’t be afraid to throw down!

For all you out-of-towners that wish to enjoy the entire weekend, we have a 2 night special starting at $89 per night ($44.5 per person).  Rooms include armbands for all occupants, for Saturday night’s event.

*All registered room guests will receive armbands at check-in.


Armbands (Party like you’re at a party)

Event armbands for non-guests will be available Sept. 14th.   They will be sold at The Chateau Motel’s front desk starting at $30, but why pay more for less?  For the best experience, get a room with some buddies for the night of the event, split the cost four ways, and it’s cheaper than just an armband! You also don’t have to worry about driving home!


Keep checking back, and like us on facebook!  More details will be posted as they become available!

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